Driving a 1954 Austin-Healey 100/4 from Peking to Paris in the June 2019 ERA Rally.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

0123 - Day 34 - Wolfsburg to Liege - 05/07/19

Day 34. Wolfsburg to Liege. Various adjectives spring to mind from today but not many are printable. Today was primarily about covering ground across Germany so we started on the autobahn - in rush hour. I don’t think terrifying covers it in a 65 year old car with drum brakes that, let’s face it have had a hard 14,000km on them! Then bizarrely we took to the backroads to drive through congested towns with a million traffic lights. My German friends, please explain your penchant for putting them EVERYWHERE. And today was the start of the summer holidays. Joy. Then we had a points failure. On the autobahn. Nuff said. Having said that, this afternoon was a gas. The country roads materialised and we drove briskly through wheat and barley fields bring harvested, pretty villages and lush dark cool woods. To a fantastic little circuit just outside the beautiful Belgian town of Malmedy. We arrived to a strong smell of petrol and found a loose banjo on the front carb. The circuit suited Gidget and we posted the fifth-fastest time. With much tyre squealing 🤣🤣. Then the village put on refreshments with was lovely and very welcome after 600km in temps upto 30 degrees. Tonight we’re in Liege but as we didn’t get here till nearly 7pm I’ve not had a look. Hoping we get to Ypres tomorrow a bit earlier.....Oh, and we seem to have climbed the European Cup rankings (5th) - won’t last but it’s nice while it it’s there in print. Photos of the chimneys from the car park this morning in Wolfsburg, this evenings car park in Liege, and not much in between!

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