Driving a 1954 Austin-Healey 100/4 from Peking to Paris in the June 2019 ERA Rally.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

0052 I think we need a mirror !

29th May 2018
In which Gidget gets a shiny bottom !

Front skidplate prior to fitting

This is a short post (sighs of relief from all !) but I just felt that I HAD to show off Gidget's shiny new bottom !  She has been up at JH Classic Restorations for the past week where Peter, Brett and their staff have worked their magic, making a shiny alloy skid plate that stretches from the very front of the car to the back.  If we can build up enough speed, I reckon we will be able to go surfing across the sand dunes of the Gobi !  And I am thinking that we need to get a big mirror to put under the car to show off this shiny piece of art - It is just too good to hide it away underneath the car where no one can see it !!

Friday, 25 May 2018

0051 Putting the front bodywork on, and more

21st May 2018.
Nice rear bumper in addition to the front bodywork !

Mock up of rear bumper assembly
Right from the beginning, when I found out that the rear bumper weighed 3.2 kg, while a single leaf of a spring only weighs 2 kg, I have planned to use a main spring leaf in place of bumpers for bodywork protection, while also providing us with a spare spring leaf in case of any breakage on the car.  (I was advised early on that when a leaf spring breaks, it is usually the long main leaf that breaks, so one (hopefully) only needs to carry that single leaf to have a spare.)  So once I had found a way to attach the original
Mock up complete

bumper hangers to the new chassis mount points, I just had to find out how best to attach a spring.  A bit of tape was good for the mock-up, while in the centre of the spring I tried to find a way to attach the rear number plate and light.  I also started to look for ways to attach the new little rear indicators.  Once I determined that a small bracket welded on to the bumper hanger was the way to go, and had made a template, it was off to Andrew's work shop for some welding.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

0050 In which we go for a burn up.....

13th May 2018
Ashton comes for a visit and goes for a drive !

Front ducting complete

Started off by getting the front ducting completed.  With brackets to support the side-scoops for the carbs on the left and the cabin fresh air intake on the right, and pinch weld on all the exposed edges, not only was the whole structure a lot more rigid, but also any sharp edges were covered and it looked a lot more "complete".   Very pleased with how it has turned out.

Monday, 7 May 2018

0049 In which Gidget goes to get measured for her skid plate

7th May 2018
And lots of other lesser things are addressed - Will it ever end ?

Rear of skid plate
Skid plate from the front
I was away in Perth for a week, and on my return I dropped in to
see Peter Janetzki at JH Classic Restoration in Yatala, half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  Gidget was up on the hoist and the mock up skid-plate had been designed and taped onto the car in cardboard.  Now it was basically finalized, and with our agreement on a few minor points. the mock up was sent off to be laser-cut the following week.