Driving a 1954 Austin-Healey 100/4 from Peking to Paris in the June 2019 ERA Rally.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

0055 We go for a drive....

24th June 2018
Finishing touches and a drive in the countryside

341 days to go

New gearbox lid gaskets

Steve takes Dave for a spin
By 10 am on the Monday morning, the gearbox gasket arrived by courier from Sydney - Plus a spare one in case someone else ever does the bolts up too tight !  I took it straight down to Classic Car, and Steve got it in correctly, and we re-installed the transmission tunnel, carpeting and switch box, so we had a car again.  Steve took it for a drive, and Dave Godwin, the business owner went for a passenger drive, and everything was working fine.  And no puddles of oil on the floor when they returned  😀
After checking over a few final items, Steve drove the car to my house and I brought him back to work - Time for me to go to work and make up for some of the time lost over the weekend.

Friday, 15 June 2018

0054 Big problems, but big progress

14th June 2018
A week in which we take 3 steps backwards, but 7 steps forwards, and finally another step backwards. 
 351 days to go

Broken windscreen pin
The last week or so has been hectic - Or perhaps I should say "more hectic than usual" ?   I had lent my 4WD Troopcarrier camper to some Welsh friends who have spent the last 75 days driving round Australia, and they arrived back with us last week.  While I am sure they would
have liked a rest, I
put Bernard to work in the garage with me, so he had a busy last few days in Australia !
Old vs broken vs new
First of all I was dealing with the windscreen, and in trying to just snug up one of the windscreen pins so it would never come undone again, it sheared off, leaving half the thread in the hole !!  Couldn't believe it - Just when everything on the windscreen was finished, I had to go and get someone to help me remove the stub as my eazyouts wouldn't get it.  Looking at the pins I have, the new ones (which is what broke) have a really narrow neck, which must be made out of cheesium or similar, as it is very soft.  The original ones which we had replaced have a much shorter thread section, and no "neck" made out of cheesium - Seems like the old style is better !

Sunday, 3 June 2018

0053 Trying to get everything finished.....

3rd June 2018
On the road again.........!                                364 days to go

Ashton enjoying Gidget

The week started off with me still trying to do 101 things in preparation for Ashton coming up for a visit at the weekend - Given the size of his smile when he got to drive Gidget last time he was here, despite her then only being "half dressed", I knew he would expect nothng less than a longer drive this time, with all her clothes on !  So the pressure was on !