Driving a 1954 Austin-Healey 100/4 from Peking to Paris in the June 2019 ERA Rally.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

0099 - Day 10 - Achit Lake to Kochevnik (camp 6)

Today was border crossing day from Mongolia into Russia for the first time.

However, in order to get to the border, we had some rough and very tough tracks, including the road up to the border crossing itself, which took its toll on a number of cars and added to an already high level of attrition, so that by the time we reached the border there was a long line of dead cars to be towed across the line and picked up the other side by the "truck of shame"! Turns out not all the cars made it to the Mongolian side of the border, and as the border crossing was closed the next day, they and the sweeps with them had 48 hours stuck behind the rally. Those of us who made it through drove out of the Russian border post (having taken about 4-5 hours to go through processing) onto the most remarkably smooth tarmac. Which didn't last! The final 60km was a very rough dirt stage, and 2km into it, Gidget broke another spring. However, having learnt from Skip the process for gerry rigging it, we had her back on the road in no time, but then had to drive very carefully to camp in order not to break the straps holding it together. Once into Kochevnik camp we got into the triage area to get the wheel off and ready for another spring replacement! Somehow we had scored a bed in a Yurt, shared with David and Stephen Gayner which saved us having to put the tents up! But by the time the spring had been replaced, there was scarcely time for a quick bite to eat before bed beckoned.

Links to Garry's excellent videos here and here

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