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Monday, 8 April 2019

0084 Gidget goes to Japan !!!

7th April 2019
Gidget is (hopefully) floating in the Ocean !!


Ital Lirica
Is Gidget in there ?
 Well, Gidget has been on her own for 11 days now, and is well on her way to China.  On 6th April she was just to the east of New Ireland (E of PNG), and heading towards Yokohama, where she is ETA'd on 14th April.  Currently on the 54,000 MT Italian vessel Ital Lirica, from Yokohama she will continue to Busan, where she will be trans-shipped  onto the ALS Flora for the remaining leg of the journey to Beijing, where she will arrive on 29th April.    Fortunately the ship did NOT sail round the north of Australia because there is a Tropical Cyclone (called Wallace) off the north coast at the moment. (That's a hurricane or typhoon to you Northern Hemisphere peoples !!).  Gidget doesn't need a cyclone !!
If you wish to track Gidget's progress, you can log on to www.marinetraffic.com 
 and once in there "search for "Ital Lirica".  She is on voyage No 094N, and you can then click on "Route Forecast" to see where she is and where she is headed.    Currently she is travelling at 15.4 knots under engine power.  😀