Driving a 1954 Austin-Healey 100/4 from Peking to Paris in the June 2019 ERA Rally.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

0062 Days 1 & 2 of Classic Outback Trial

19th August 2018
We do it in the dirt !!

Gidget goes bush !
Well, Gidget has finally had a chance to show off in the dirt, and she has acquitted herself really well.  Handles well, goes well, stops well (yes, really !), but she does have one major weakness - Sand gets in EVERYWHERE, to the point where we have had to use a friends garden blower to blow at least some of the sand out of the car (and off us !) at the end of the day.  Unfortunately I will have to get back later for a longer description of all the action as I have to do all my average speed tables for tomorrow's events, but I will just give you the link to the photos of the first 2 days so you can vicariously enjoy our fun.

A couple of other photos I must post - How many people have ever been overtaken at speed on a dirt road in the middle of Australia by a 1926 Bentley Tourer ?????   Just magical !!

And if you want to see our results, (7th yesterday, 3rd today !) you can go here http://www.rallyresults.com.au/cot/results2018/
Then go to "ERCA Regularity" in the 4th column across, and the results for each day are posted there.

More later

Photo link is here :-https://photos.app.goo.gl/MnLKEL3877JYJQeH9


  1. Giles great to see it actually on the road! We ar sin Europe and on the way to Africa for the Dar es salaam to Capetown event so will catch up on our return. Good luck for the rest of the event. At least teh dust should keep the flies off.

  2. Hey, John. Good to hear from you. The car went really well - Surprising many people (but not ourselves after all the work that has gone into it !) Have a look at some of the photos on day 5&6 if you want to see dust !!
    Have a great time on your adventure to Cape Town, and we will look forward to hearing about it on your return. Giles

  3. Hi Gil looks like you getting ready for your adventure p&p gidget is getting younger every Day !!! Same as me we're born same year and I feel good !! still looking to meet you and Troopie in April Joel


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